•●• 2019 •●•

UI search engine

•●• User interface, hotjar, analytics, search engine

starting point

Website with three different versions of the same search engine. Goal - to unify the overall experience. Simplify the input possibilities and optimize the search engine.

tools and techniques used

Mainly google analytics, user recordings using hotjar and help from analyst to filter the data.


A prototype  based on the gathered information for the user interface changes. Understanding which options users prefer, and a plan to implement and test these proposed changes.

what i learned

Without data design choices have less meaning. A proper plan requires cooperation and input from different perspectives. Collaboration is the key, it always works out the best.

Data research conclusions
this choice is a potential contender
needs to be tested (a/b) if it can bring
real value to our users
most comon choice
should be first up
98,82% = none
looks like this checkpoint is not used
no need for it too be there - a/b test to verify
98,82% = none
out of variables 1 to 6, most
common choices are 2 and 3
let’s make that easier to access