•●• 2019 •●•

graphics for a software house

•●• brand identity, logo, typography, color, visual system

starting point

This project started with a need for some new marketing materials. The client was looking for a fresher look.

tools and techniques used

After agreeing on a direction, several elements were created like presentations, social media layouts, and others. This brand had an established logo but not much more in the sense of branding materials, so I decided to use that and strengthen the image using colours and vector graphics matching it.


A second contract, for a full rebrand. Will be published here soon as well. For now check out the link below - brandbook.

see the new brandbook

what i learned

A good relationship with the client is essential. Remember about giving options and communicating your ideas. The design needs to be explained and have a solid idea behind it based on real data.

•●• 2019 •●•

rebrand for avra

•●• brand identity, logo, typography

this is an ongoing part of the project. The company decided to refresh the logo as well, below you can see the starting point we are going to work on. More to come.

see the new brandbook